Super Deluxe Tents

Deluxe Tents in Jaisalmer

Super Deluxe Tent in Jaisalmer

Welcome to Desert Safari Wala, where we redefine the art of luxury camping with our Super Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer. These tents are designed to provide an exceptional blend of comfort, elegance, and sophistication, making them ideal for family vacations, couple tours, and unforgettable honeymoon experiences. Immerse yourself in the magic of the Thar Desert while enjoying top-notch amenities and impeccable service.

Unmatched Luxury in the Desert

Our Super Luxury Tents offer an extraordinary level of opulence and comfort. Each tent is meticulously furnished with high-end décor, ensuring a lavish and serene retreat amidst the stunning desert landscape. Experience the ultimate in desert luxury with our spacious and elegantly appointed tents.

elegant services

Our Amenities

Welcome Drink
Evening Snacks
Cultural Events
DJ Night
Rajasthamn Buffet Dinner
Lounge & Bar
Key Features:
  • Exquisite furnishings and décor
  • King-sized beds with premium linens
  • Private seating area for relaxation
  • Attached modern bathroom with luxury toiletries
Perfect for Family, Couple, and Honeymoon Tours

Whether you’re planning a family getaway, a romantic couple's retreat, or a dream honeymoon, our Super Luxury Tents in Jaisalmer cater to all your needs. Enjoy the perfect balance of privacy, comfort, and luxury, creating unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Ideal for:
  • Family vacations
  • Romantic couple retreats
  • Honeymoon tours
Luxurious Amenities

Our super luxury tents are equipped with an array of luxurious amenities to ensure your stay is nothing short of spectacular. From air conditioning to keep you cool in the desert heat to private verandas where you can enjoy breathtaking views, we provide everything you need for a perfect stay.

Key Amenities:

Air conditioning for a comfortable stay

Plush furnishings and elegant décor

Private outdoor seating area

Modern bathroom facilities with premium toiletries

24/7 room service

Authentic Desert Experience with Ultimate Comfort:

Staying in our Super Luxury Tents allows you to experience the authentic beauty of the desert while enjoying the highest level of comfort. Wake up to mesmerizing sunrises over the dunes, partake in traditional Rajasthani hospitality, and relax under the star-filled night sky.